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ACE European Group Ltd no longer provides new travel insurance on behalf of Asda Money.

If you have an existing policy with us that has not yet expired, your cover will continue under that policy until the policy expires.


If you need to make a claim under an existing policy, please contact ACE on 0800 519 9935 or if you have a medical emergency abroad please call +44 (0) 20 7 173 7814.

Policy queries:

For any other questions about existing policies purchased before 1st October 2015, please contact ACE on 0800 519 9935

If you would like to discuss purchasing a new travel insurance policy, or have any questions about the change of travel insurance provider, please click here

Any questions?

For help with your existing policy please call:

0800 519 9935

Lines open
9am - 8pm Monday to Friday

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Asda Travel Insurance is sold and underwritten by ACE European Group Ltd, a leading global insurer protecting over
7 million people in the UK.